flash html5 battleThe title could have as well been ‘HTML5 templates with Flash templates’? It’s indeed a loss to the Web world to separate these two, make them stand against each other and watch a cat (or robot?) fight. Before we compare them, let’s have a brief idea of what HTML5 and Flash are.

HTML5 in simple words is a language for structuring and presenting content for the WWW. The version ‘5’only indicates the new standards and formats, aimed to be implemented by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). The previous one being HTML4 was introduced more than a decade back. Whereas Flash is a 15 year old proprietary multimedia platform/ tool, basically aimed at creating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), animations and games, videos and interaction applications.

Usability and Features:

  • A HTML5 website is supported by less than 40% of browsers across the world, whereas Flash is supported by a whooping 98% browsers.
  • Flash is till date not supported by any Apple products like iphone, ipad etc.
  • Flash has extreme capabilities with database interaction, PHP integration, XML sourcing, versatile extensible plugins and usage of the robust ActionScript 3.
  • Flash excels and is a pioneer in multimedia (like videos, animations and RIAs). HTML is basically intended to build websites.
  • HTML5 alone can’t support animations and interactions. It needs Javascript, CSS etc. which was quite possible even with HTML4.
  • HTML5 can be used to create cross-browser and cross-device compliant code bases. It’s also easily compatible with application programming interface (API).

It’s not fair to decide a zero sum game, when both Flash and HTML5 have their own pros and cons. Flash has over say 10 years of technological and applicative advancement when compared to HTML. But when it comes to building websites, HTML5 Website templates will have a better future. With HTML5 growing and expanding its base, Flash chooses to narrow down on its target market while securing its technological advancement.

Depending on the needs and configuration, one should be able to decide the template building platform. Whenever there are requirements for high end graphical, video, animations, RIAs and such attractive heavy interface elements, a flash web template comes handy. HTML5 web templates too are capable of handling light interface applications but are more popular and suitable for website building.

It’s clear that a user can decide upon the platform based on requirements. This forum suggests taking the best of both worlds, syndicating and obtaining an integrated effect. The best way is to build your Websites using HTML5 templates and embed Flash components in them. Remember don’t get into dilemma of choosing any one, when integrating and getting the best of both is so possible.

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