Custom Flash design

Custom Flash DesignerOur Custom Flash Designers from Amsterdam have created some stunning Flash designs for several clients. We haven’t published all designs because they also created a lot of Flash designs for other clients than Flash Effect. If you want to see more examples please contact us.

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Custom Flash Design is a great way to spice up your website by making it more dynamic. Adding movement to your web pages will keep your visitors attracted and making your company look good and professional. You can see Flash embedded on many large company websites. Especially Flash movies do good on websites such as Coca Cola, Heineken and other big company websites. Sometimes a Flash intro can be a great way to grab your visitors attention by proding them an instant experience and introduction to your company. One thing to keep in mind with a Flash introduction is that it can block your site for the search engine crawlers thus enabling them to index your site. We can also help with preventing that to happen as our experienced Flash designers know all tricks from the book.