Do Flash designers have a future, or even they have to start focussing on HTML5 design?
When Flash was new, it was all great. Animations on websites, in the form of intro movies or games, instead of the boring, stagnant things. Nowadays we have HTML5 which can be a good replacement for Flash.

Most Actionscript programmers find it a pity that some people look negatively to Flash.

Some reasons why people can dislike Flash:

  • It is not supported by Apple on iPhones and iPads.
  • Some people just don’t like Flashy designs.
  • It can consume some extra resources.
  • Only support for latin characters.
  • Flash is not an open standard.

However HTML5 can not solving everything. With Flash is still more possible than with HTML5.

The future of Flash Design:

Are Flash developers underestimating the extinction of Flash or does Flash still have a feature? Not every feature of Flash can be replaced by HTML5. Here are some features that HTML5 does not have:

  • No DRM support.
  • No 3D hardware acceleration support (allows to play games in Flash).
  • With HTML5 it is not possible to watch video in content in full screen.
  • HTML5 video need to be rendered three times before you can use it in your website as can been seen in the screenshot below:

HTML5 videoneeds 3 times rendering

(source: )

Some reasons that can make HMTL5 increase popularity:

As long as Flash is not being developed any further and Apple is not supporting it, Flash design can become less and less popular. HTML5 can then increase in popularity but this is not necesarrally the case.  If Apple does not get more users or when Flash will become more resource friendly then Flash will still have a bright future. Only time will tell.

Tip: Here you can find a cool program that can convert Flash into HTML5.

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