DreamTemplate - Web TemplatesThere are not so many developers of quality Flash templates. Probably because it is not easy to develop one and the ones that are available are of high quality meaning it is hard to compete. Furthermore it is quite hard to change the layout and design of pre made Flash templates which means you need a good customer service program if you want to keep your customers satisfied. We have tried several providers and came up with a favorite list.


Here is our top 5 of best Flash template providers:

  1. Templatemonster; Templatemonster offers the most high quality Flash templates and Flash CMS templates which allow you to make your own Flash website. The drawback of these Flash templates is that it is difficult to change the layout.If you need to change the layout you will need a professional Flash template designer to alter your tempate.
  2. Wix online Flash website builder; Wix is web based Flash website builder and is quite flexible. You can create a free website with the Wix promo link in the footer and on a subdomain of Wix ie. wix.com/yourwebsitename or you can upgrade and use your own domain name and get rid of the advertisement.
  3. Weebly web based site builder; Just like Wix, Weebly is an online Flash site generator. Between the two I found very little differences so you can check them both out as they provide quality online web site builders.
  4. Motocms, Flash CMS Templates
  5. DreamTemplate; Dreamtemplate offers a wide variety of templates including quality Flash templates. They offer over 1800+ premium, professionally designed templates for subscribers and they add over 100+ new templates each month! They provide Website Templates, Flash Templates, Corporate Identity packages, pre-made logos, Powerpoint/Word templates, Joomla Templates, Word Templates, oScommere Templates and more. Subscribers are able to download all of ther templates.

Although you won’t be able to make a 100% Flash based template we thought it would be cool to add another options to make it actualy a top 6.¬† You can make your own template with¬†Flash header with Artisteer desktop template builder. The Flash header comes with some predefined options and some elements you can change. The templates can be exported for use with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, .NetNuke and plain HTMl sites. You can try Artisteer for free.

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